RECENT Project:

Enhancing a Home Listing

Project Overview

Front view of house marketed by KMS.

Usually, if a house sits on the market for greater than two months, it’s a sign that something is wrong.  I recently worked with the owners of this home, which had been listed for eight YEARS!

The house was in great shape, in a great neighborhood, and well-priced. However, there were very few requests for tours. Those that did show up for in-person tours were turned off by how large the house was or they didn’t understand how to use the space. I suspected the listing did not accurately represent the home.

In the summer of 2020, I worked with the owners to develop a marketing plan to sell their house. We agreed that the house listing was not telling potential buyers two important aspects:

    1. How LARGE the space was
    2. How that space can be used

We needed to address these issues and represent the true value of this home. The solution was to create content that truly demonstrated the home’s potential.

Solution 1: Virtual Staging

One of the best ways to show how large a space is and how it can be used is to furnish the home. Unfortunately, furnishing a home can cost thousands of dollars and is a real hassle to organize and set up. Photos would have to be retaken, which would also add to the cost. 

A practical solution was virtual staging. For a few hundred dollars, we took several photos of the house and staged them to show home-buyers how the space can be used and large it is.

Living Room - BeforeLiving Room - After
Living Room 2 - BeforeLiving Room 2 - After
Bedroom - BeforeBedroom - After
Master Bedroom - BeforeMaster Bedroom - After

Solution 2: Virtual Tour

Giving potential home-buyers instant access into your home will not only keep viewers looking at your listing, it leads to more serious buyers requesting in-person tours, because they have a better understanding of the home’s layout, size, and quality after viewing a virtual tour.

In-person tour requests had dropped dramatically in Summer of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was only natural to include a virtual option for concerned home-buyers.

54% of Buyers Feel More Comfortable visiting a Property That Has a 3D Virtual Tour

Real Estate Listings With 3D Virtual Home Tours Get 87% More Views

More Than Half of U.S. Adults Who Use the Internet Have Taken a 3D Virtual Tour

The Result:

The content was added to the listing in early July. Three months later, the owners accepted one of two offers on the house!

During that time, the virtual tour received 470 visits and 250 unique visits.

A small investment in better photos, virtual staging, and a virtual tour will dramatically improve your success in selling your home.

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